Ceramic Housing
Ceramic Housing
  • Ceramic Housing and Module Parts Brief_YZPST.pdf Ceramic Housing and Module Parts Brief_YZPST.pdf


  • Leak rate ::≤1×10-9 Pam3/s
  • Flatness of copper surface:≤0.005mm
  • Pull test:≥5KN/cm2
  • Plating thickness:2-7μ
  • Parallelism between copper surfaces:≤0.03mm
  • Concentricity between flange and copper:≤0.5mm
  • Temperature cycling:-65℃~200℃ 5circles

Main material

  • Ceramic:93.5%min AL2O3
  • Flange:TU1(OFHC·Cu)or Ni42Fe58 Alloy
  • Glaze:Color white ,T ≥14 0℃
  • Copper contact:TU1(OFHC·Cu)
  • Solder:Ag72Cu28 Alloy
  • Gate tube:TU1(OFHC·Cu)or Ni42Fe58 Alloy
Ceramic housing Stud and   Capsule type for SCR and Recitifier Diode
Size:1" -5“

For more information about Ceramic Housing please download the PDF file above named " Ceramic Housing and Module Parts Brief_YZPST  "

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