Medical Equipments
Medical Equipments

One-Stop Solution

For X-Ray Machine, CT Machine, Nebulizer and Medical Humidifier
YZPST takes power semiconductor components as the main line. Combined with blocking capability up to 6000 Volts and optimized to offer low conduction losses elaborate High Voltage Diode and Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors to provide customers with one-stop solution. Our products are exported to Europe, America, South America, Middle East and Asia.
  • Application-CT Machine
  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors
  • High voltage power diode
  • YZPST-PU50—08N (UX-FOB)
Products range:

High voltage diodes

  • 2CLG 100mA 10KV
  • 2CLG 100mA 20KV
  • 2CLG 100mA 15KV
  • 2CL 500mA 12KV
  • 2CL104(350mA 12KV)
  • 2CL106(500mA 12KV)
  • HV600S10(600mA 10KV)
  • HV600S12(500mA 12KV)

High Frequency High Voltage Diode

  • 2CL G 20mA 20KV 80ns
  • 04D, 04Z(10mA 4000V, 80ns)
  • 08D,08X, 08Z(10mA 8000V, 80ns)
  • PST-12(10mA 12000V, 80ns)
  • PST-1410mA 12000V, 80ns)
  • PST-16(10mA 12000V, 80ns)
  • HV37-08 (200mA 8KV 80ns)
  • HV37-08F (200mA 8KV 70ns)
  • HV37-10(200mA 10KV 80ns)
  • HV37-20(200mA 20KV 80ns)
  • HV37-20F(200mA 20KV 70ns)
  • CL03-10F(300mA 10KV 80ns)
  • FOB(450mA 8KV 40ns)
  • FOB-12(450mA 12KV 40ns)

High Voltage Silicon Stack

  • (20mA-10A, 30KV-500KV)
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