• 2019
    • The diode modules with insulation voltage over 6000V for export to the United States market.
      According to the specific requirements of customers, accept customized services.
      Capacitor exported to Egypt.
      MKP Capacitor exported to Spain market.

  • 2018
    • Develop the High Voltage Modules (more than 4500V).
      Press-Fit (Automotive) Diodes exported in bulk to the Turkish market.
      KK, ZK, KP, ZP, KS series of thyristors, triacs and diodes pass Reach Test Certification.
      Litz Wire exported to France in batch quantity.

  • 2017
    • Series fast recovery diode module (YZPST-MUR), solid state relay export to India and Taiwan etc.

      Focus on the high temperature performance for SCRs and triac, with a maximum junction temperature more than 180 degrees. Power Modules, SCR and triac pass Reach Test Certification.

      The Surge Protective Device has been exported to European Countries for State locomotive project in batch quantity. Meanwhile, the SPDs were continually exported to Asia and Central American Countries.

      Capacitor exported to European, Middle East and Asia market in batch quantity.

      Semiconductor Fuse exported to Asian and South African market.

  • 2016
    • Develop high current and high voltage (such as 100A 1200V) SCRs and triacs.
      Make the chips for solid state relays.
      Focus on Welding Diode Assembly, completely replace of well-known products in the world.
      Litz Wire exported to Turkey, India, Vietnam, Sweden and Singapore.
      Resistor exported to South America and Asia.

  • 2015
    • 5mm thickness welding diodes used in Europe. Low frequency high-power transistors (such as YZPST-2N3055 and YZPST-2N3773) chips exported to India. PWA, PWB series exports to South Africa and India. Litz Wire exported to Australia and United Arab Emirates. Semiconductor Fuse exported to Span. Resistor exported to USA.

  • 2014
    • Thyristors used for Soft Starter equipment.

      High-Voltage Reverse Conducting Thyristors (such as YZPST-KK3708FC4500V) used in inductor heating furnaces.

  • 2013
    • Focus on the thyristors used in power factor compensation system.
      High-frequency high-voltage plastic package diodes in batch.
      Development of Thyristor Assembly used for welding machines.
      Litz Wire exported to Slovenia.
      Capacitor exported to Indian market.
      Semiconductor Fuse exported to Brail.
      Resistor exported to South Africa.

  • 2012
    • Rotated Diodes exported India, South Africa and Egypt.

      Darlington transistors (TIP series) exported to Southeast Asia and Latin America.

      Successful development of Bidirectional Thyristors.

      Full range of semiconductor products, including diodes and triodes, SCR and triac, semiconductor modules are certified by CE Certificate.

      Capacitor exported to South Africa.

      Semiconductor Fuse exported to USA, Canada and Italy markets.

  • 2011
    • High Voltage Thyristors(>6500V) manufactured in bulk and exported to the European market.

      Export of triacs 4A/ 6A triac to USA to support leading manufacturers and suppliers of irrigation products in the world. Litz Wire exported to USA and Russia.

      Resistor exported to European countries.

  • 2010
    • Focus on high voltage (>1200V) SCRs and TRIACs and export to Europe and North America.

      TSS, TVS chips exported to Eastern European markets Capacitor exported to Brazil market.

      Resistor exported to Turkey.

  • 2009
    • Sensitive triacs exported to Taiwan for electrical leakage protectors.

      Thyristor assembly for welding machines exported to USA.

      YZPST-TIC series market response was good Excitation diodes exported to USA.

      Focus on plastic package diodes (standard diodes, fast recovery diodes, Schottky diodes etc.). Litz Wire exported to Brazil market.

  • 2008
    • The Reverse Conducting Thyristors (RCT) were successfully developed and first exported to France for use in its locomotive traction, marine/rail propulsion and DC chopper drivers etc.

      Asymmetric Thyristors were exported to Spain etc. for use in railway equipment.

      Focus on the application of welding diodes in welding machines, exported to the European market and pulse power applications. High-frequency thyristors (KG series) exported to the North American market for inverter usage.

      Resistor exported to Brazil in batch quantity.

      ROHS certificate approved.

  • 2007
    • Plastic package high voltage diodes (with voltage over 20KV) have been successfully developed and are widely used in the medical industry.

      MOSFETs and high voltage plastic package transistors etc., using in fan control, lighting control and electric vehicles.

  • 2006
    • Focus on the development of square SCR and TRIAC (two-way SCR) chips. Sign a long-term OEM chip supply agreement with a well-known European semiconductor factory, using in motor control etc.

      Finished SCRs and TRIACs (with snubberless triacs) were made in batch.

      Trademark PST, YZPST registered successfully.

  • 2005
    • Focus on the induction heating furnaces market, simulating thyristors used in specific situations such as power voltage fluctuations, different frequencies, and different power, using different processes and technologies to meet the requirements of each customer. They also used in steel melt shop and foundry industry.

      Make semiconductor modules, bridge rectifier, thyristor-thyristor modules, thyristor-diode modules, single diode modules and single thyristor modules, FRED module etc.

  • 2004
    • The transformation of technological achievements into products, using Chinese enormous supporting capabilities (ceramic housings, moly discs, glass to metal sealed caps and headers, TO-3 caps and bases, etc.) to set up the International Trade Department and started exporting phase control thyristors and inverter thyristors in Stud & Capsule package.

      CE, ROHS Certificates Approved

  • 2003
    • The key members of the company use their experience in cooperating in the production of SCR chips with the major International Companies, registered and established Yangzhou Positioning Tech Co., Ltd. With their own chip development technology, and set up a Chip Development Department.

      The company passes ISO9001 Certification.

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